Give Local is an easy-to-navigate database of donation websites for the counties hardest hit by COVID-19. The willingness of the public to donate money and supplies is inspiring, but donations could be more effective if directed to a single local organization rather than ad hoc donation drives (such as the 35,000 coronavirus-related campaigns on GoFundMe). Furthermore, local organizations also have less visibility than national organizations like the Red Cross, even though they may be better positioned to help the community.

I hope to address this issue with Give Local, which includes community response funds, hospitals requesting PPE, and food banks in need of donations. This saves donors valuable time that would’ve been spent on researching local organizations to donate to and helps concentrate support in local organizations already dedicated to public service.

If you have suggestions for donation websites I should add, please fill out my form!

You can contact me at givelocalorg@gmail.com.

Paul Zhang

Hi, I’m the founder of Give Local and a high school student in the Bay Area.

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